I was born in Athens, Greece.
I have been educated from my father in dog training,
so I can characterize myself as a second generation dog trainer.
From 2000 to 2009 I was working in the family business in Athens
(dog training, dogs hotel).
In 2009 I moved to Crete with a purpose to extend the family business with a great success.
In early 2013 I moved to Västerås, Sweden and since then I have been working in a private company.
I have two passions in my life. The one is my love about animals, especially dogs.
The other is my love for art where I can express myself through creations of great uniqueness
(wood carving, photography, Photoshop etc.).
In 2015 I became a managing member in Stenhuset (cultural center- gallery)
and since then I have the opportunity
to meet various artists and gain insight and inspiration for many of my projects.
In my photography I use my imagination in order to give a different point of view as an artist.
The main purpose of my art is to stimulate viewers’ imagination
and make them see the most meaningful parts of it.
Apart from all the above, I think it is best to let my creations speak for themselves.



SWEDEN Tell: 072-331 1908