Interview in Stenhuset christmas exhibition 2015 and a front page reportage in VLT (Västerås newspaper)

Scandinavian sword

English translation:
Christmas exhibition with Greek Viking sword.
31 artists
exhibit on stone house julsallong. In large part it is about paintings, but the biggest upside attention beautiful enough is a large, heavy Viking sword.
SURAHAMMAR. 31 years happens to be so long ago the first julsalongen saw the light.
- Stone house had been empty many years, and the municipality wanted a house for cultural workers. Therefore we ended up have 1984 first year , says Raila Kolmodin, director of Surahammar March art and craft which is housed in the house. Just now Christmas
exhibition has been for 31 years
Exhibitors and upper - floor has Ionassis (they have writed my name fail as Ionassis) Papadonikolakis ended little focus, including his sword to thoughts to Viking times. He is the newest member of Stenhuset and have lived in the municipality for some years.
- I found two large, old hinges in a house in Ramnäs.
 One of them, I have transformed on a sword's blade that eventually became a kind of Viking sword, he says, but points out that it is not done on a model, but that he left his imagination flow over the swords look. - When other are going out on Friday evenings, I take at my artwork, he says and smiles and promises that he will be in the Stone House during all the days that julsalongen is Open. - I want myself to be able to tell visitors about my artwork. Julsalongen runs until December 2015.